I am Egyptian and currently a veterinary medicine student who live in Alexandria. I represent myself to express my ideas, beliefs and thoughts, and use art to reflect the issues that face the community.

I am creative in drawing nature and landscapes believing that creativity and art originate from the heart of nature. I use Gouache, Oil, pastels, pencils and ink and sometimes I use sponge or cotton tubes to have realistic pieces.

It is a hope of mine that my art spreads around the walls of most places and streets, and most people will own a piece of my art in their homes for joy to prevail.

Using blue and green colors always distinguishes my artwork, as It indicates a love for life and vast spaces. I hope my art conveys a message to its viewers about the worldwide issues that face our society whether locally or internationally. My location emphasized my art since I am from Alexandria, Egypt. My governate is known for its beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea especially during the sunset and sunrise.

I believe that my approach to art differs from others as I spend a lot of time thinking about the message or the idea I want to show through my art which may not be like other artists who spend more time in the actual drawing and painting.

As regards my achievements, I have been ranked the First place in an Art Competition held in my church and once the Third Place in another competition held in University. I always like to improve and level up my hobby through courses such as an Arts Course by Alexandria University, and in another Oil Painting Workshop held by Creative Courses.