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I grew up in an artistic family, so living with Art was a natural part of my life from an early age. Our walls were covered with my father’s calligraphies and my mother’s mosaics. Now that I am in my twenties, I can see that contemporary art which surrounded me in my childhood had an enormous impact on my personality. That is why I think it is important to raise your children surrounded by Art, and that’s exactly what I’m hoping to achieve by being an artist and a teacher at the same time because I strongly believe that art and education are the two essential weapons of any generation or nation.

I started drawing when I was 11 years old; drawing cartoons, anime, and caricatures. I was once awarded in my school for winning a regional drawing competition and that was a turning point for me.

In 2013 I started drawing portraits, and I have had the honor of drawing so many high-profile people. Two years later I started experimenting with different art-styles and tools such as water, acrylic, and oil colors. Within 3 years, I became able to paint and draw using so many art techniques and materials.

In 2018 I participated in an international meeting of young artists that took place at Sidi Bousaid for 4 days, and that was the first common exhibition I took part of.
Months later, I won a university competition with the title of « Best Painter of The Year » So I chose to decorate the walls of the city, as well as the walls of my university with different kinds of murals.

One year ago (Sometime in 2019), I started organising free art lessons (painting/drawing/DIY) for children to help them develop their skills, to give them the chance to get out of their comfort zone, be more confident, and to allow them to express themselves.

This year (2020) I was the proud designer of the cover of the second season of the saga « Althiburos ». Furthermore, I started working on my first own exhibition that will take place by the summer of 2021 and I was chosen for the first place by over 300 competitors from 23 African countries at the African ARTTA competition.

Currently, I’m involved in a Swiss-Tunisian ENGAGE- project to create a toolbox for schools in Tunisia which allows students to learn life skills in a playful way.

During my short career I have received heart-warming words of encouragement by so many people; my parents, my friends, and even my teachers. They stood by me from start to finish and provided unconditional support and for that I am very thankful.”

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