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I am Rukundo Epaphrodite, a contemporary artist who is from, works, and lives in MUSANZE/RWANDA.
I studied fine art at Ecole d’arts de Nyundo (2017-2019), an art school located Western Rwanda, with art teachers like Kankolongo Kofi and Kayitana Faustin. I do acrylic paintings on canvas, and often paint young children mainly because of their honest expression of feelings. Through this perspective, I hope that my arts viewers can learn some lessons from children, such as, being kind and honest like young children do. Also, I want my viewers to know of and learn from Rwandan art.

I was born in Ruhengeri Rwanda and lived with parents and 6 siblings, I’ve always liked art. From my childhood I liked drawing so much that I even wrote some books in primary four (2011), which my parents liked so much alongside my drawings that they encouraged and motivated me. Till I was going to study in high school, they wanted me to study art, art so did I.
In my artistic process/approach, I believe that; everyone is an artist in his behalf, because as you can express your feelings or as you can give an opinion on something, then you are totally an artist. I also believe that becoming a visual artist doesn’t mean you must know how to draw, because art is not a drawing but art is what inside the drawing; “art is not seen but felt”.
As part of my achievements, I have been awarded Winner of Youkreate May art challenge, and reached fifth place in the Arts talent Africa Covid challenge.

From my childhood I used to write books, nowadays am doing fine arts but I have a plan that soon I am going to mix writing books and fine arts. I also have a project of writing books based on my opinions as an artist, that will help in emphasizing my art. Currently, I am in Collaboration with “Arts talent Africa (ARTTA)”.
To find out more about me, stay in touch on Instagram: @epa_gram_art, Twitter: @eparukundo, Fineartamerica: eparukundo, LinkedIn: Rukundo Epaphrodite, Saatchiart: Rukundo Epa, Behance: Rukundo Epa.

Thanks to ARTTA!!!
RUKUNDO Epaphrodite


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