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I am Kiyara Coulibaly from Niger Republic, born and brought up in Nigeria, and live in Abuja.

I started by drawing self portraits and evolved to oil pastel artworks, currently working with acrylic paint on canvas. I started painting in the year 2020 as a hobby during the lock down due to the Covid 19 pandemic, and am currently working on a collection themed ‘Creative battles’ which will be exhibited here in Abuja November 2020. As I am a self-taught artist, I am open to collaborations.

Painting I believe is a way of creating and expressing emotions, and I want my art to make viewers broaden their imagination and experience emotions. I believe art is supposed to evoke emotions and this is what I want to accomplish with my work. My artworks are mostly abstract, art portraying African culture and psychedelic art. It’s important that they are unique and leave the viewer wondering what inspired the artist.

I grew up in Kano State, Nigeria, in an environment where art is highly appreciated, with of course, my highly supportive family. I always try to make every piece of artwork with unique features because that is what my artwork is all about the ‘uniqueness’.

One of the things I have accomplished is coming 3rd position in the just concluded ARTTA challenge and I am proud to be part of the ARTTA family now.

I am a graduate with a BSc degree in Human Anatomy, fascinated with health and the human body and I hope to further my studies and become a plastic surgeon. Besides painting, I sing (an upcoming artist) and I model.

To see more on my art, I display my artworks on my social media (Instagram account @kiera_arts) which was created in 2017 when I officially started taking arts seriously.

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