Arts Talent Africa


My name is Roseleah Wairimu from Kenya.
I am a self-taught upcoming artist, a believer of art and the potential of art towards our day-to-day lives; its beauty, message, creativity and growth and it’s what makes me dive deep and fall in love every single day.
I am a freelance artist who uses wood, glass, metal, paper and beads to mention a few to create memorable art pieces. My artwork shows life, originality, and ‘Gods creation’, as such my work shows uniqueness, employs recycling methods, and brings new life to every material used.
My artwork communicates my circumstances, my surroundings and my mood through the detailed elements, color, and all the small bits put together and yet its open for the viewers self-interpretation. What I would like to accomplish with my art is to spread positive vibes and to improve as an artist who will leave behind a great legacy, and secondly an artist who promotes a healthy environment by recycling some of the things that I use in creating my work.
I have the pleasure to have met legendary artists in Kenya like Cyrus Kabiru, and have worked with artists like Joan Otieni, Patrick Murabi who are all a great influence in the Kenyan art market. I have been able to complete the Arts talents Africa and got an award of having the most unique technique representing my country Kenya, making it through all the levels. That experience has taken me to new levels and opened new doors for me.
I am working towards exploring and discovering more style to my art with some originality, and look forward to doing a lot of art projects with various artists globally. I will soon have an exhibition at the Nairobi National Gallery.
Thank you for the opportunity!

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