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I am Nardos Amare, born and raised in Ethiopia and I am a self taught visual artist.

As a kid, I enjoyed art classes, and anything related to art and creativities. Growing up, I kept creating art and enjoyed it even more. Through art, I express my feelings and try to touch current issues.

Mostly, I create my pieces using acrylic and water color on a canvas; but sometimes I create my art pieces on boards and different materials such as calabashes, walls and different cultural mediums.

With my artwork, I hope that I can promote my amazing country, Ethiopia, by creating a good picture of her in each viewer’s mind. I want my art to communicate to its viewers and also create awareness to them on the amazing cultures of Ethiopia.

My artwork is a bit different from other artists because, I always create based on and only about Ethiopia and Africa.

Recently, I try my best to promote my country, Ethiopia and the whole continent, Africa via my art pieces and for the future by being an amazing architect. I want to serve my country Ethiopia and make her towns beautiful with the architectural buildings.

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