Change can take its form in a variety of outlets. Art is intrinsic to African culture and is a way of life for many. The purpose of art transcents natural beauty, it moves into the parts of the mind once unknown. We believe that this is a strong link to creative expression and the ability to turn passion to profit.

Art is in us, now it is time to show it!

Nkaze Aichetou Njoya . Founder ARTTA


We believe that education is a key to every child’s development. As such, we aim to hone art skills in young children at a stage for cognitive stage.


Women and girls should have the opportunity to sell their arts and craft at an affordable rate, in order to sustain their families and create wealth.


Art is a collection of many ideas, as well as the space in Africa. Artists should be able to interact with each other, exchange ideas, and influence themselves positively in order to better each other.


The potential of every artist should not be thwarted by the unavailability of funds. Artists should be able to start their businesses, maintain and promote them

Let’s Grow Art

The idea of art comes from a deep-seated need for the world to access and accept contemporary African art more, developing it into an industry where people from all over the world will have their eyes set on Africa. Art presents the opportunity to many to create wealth, which in turn shall build the economy of Africans who else are burdened with talent but no hope to earn a living. With your help those doubts can be whisked away, as you donate to many talented artists who do not have the means to succeed in an already dying art community.


Artists convey true meaning, beauty, encourage freedom of expression and depict what will be known as history. You have the opportunity to create change and inspire a truly gifted artist. Get in touch today and start making the difference.