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Danielle Brooks in African Body Art

Have you ever heard of body art? It’s simply put any form of temporary or permanent design used to adorn ones body.

This form of art and expression is not novel to Africans. It has been used on occasions, as daily makeup, for dances, identification etc. In many tribes, what we now call tattoos were even used to identify themselves.

Body art often took different forms including scarification of special designs, rubbing in of mud, colouring of the hair, tattoos, body painting and even piercings

Modern appearances of African body art have been seen in music videos more and more as a way of displaying Afro-centrism.

Being vulnerable as a muse is not the easiest of tasks if this is new to you. Back then, with scantily clad members of the community, adornment was key to ones appearance and beauty, also making them a more attractive potential partner.

Contemporary body artists still take inspiration from ancient body art practices while adding their own touch to it.

Have you ever explored body art?

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