Arts Talent Africa




A truly Pan-African Competition

The Arts Talent Africa’s (ARTTA) Covid-19 challenge is an online competition created to support artists affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, wherein Artists will compete with their skills to win a cash prize of $1000 (1st), $500 (2nd), and $200 (3rd) place respectively.

Arts Talent Africa was founded by Nkaze Aichetou Njoya (Cameroonian) and co-founded by Melissa Ukamaka (Nigerian) in a bid to revamp the art industry by changing the way people see contemporary African art.

Art is inherent to African culture and expression, and serves as a form of income for many youths who depend on their creativity as a lifeline, however, financing their business is often a challenge. Industries across Africa have been grossly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, reducing business opportunities and revenue for many, including the art industry.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, large exhibitions cannot be held in most countries for the sake of safety currently. As such, now more than ever it is pertinent to empower such talented people who do not have the access to funding and visibility they need to reach their goals. The challenge being online gives an opportunity to many African in each region to showcase their talents, and convert them to cash.

What Do Artists Win?

  • The winners of this competition will be given a cash prize of $1,000- 1st Place
    $500- 2nd Place

    $200- 3rd Place
  • Featured on the official Arts Talent Africa website and social media platforms
  • The Top 10 Contestants will be given the opportunity to sell their art on the official Arts Talent Africa online gallery

Which Countries Can Participate?

Intrinsic to its name ‘Arts Talent Africa’, the competition will focus on artists aged 16-60yrs from all regions of Africa, featuring 21 countries including Egypt, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria and South Africa, ensuring true pan-Africanism. Listed here are the countries of reach;

  • North Africa

Egypt, Morroco, Tunisia.

  • East Africa

Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Seychelles

  • Central Africa

Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola

  • West Africa

Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo, Guinea, Benin

  • Southern Africa

South Africa, Botswana

What’s the Process?

All applicants will go through a vetting process by filling a registration form, of which shortlisted candidates will be given a timeline to complete their challenge. At the end of the competition, contestants will be required to rake up votes on social media and the official website, of which the statistics plus the judge’s criteria will determine a winner.


Process to Enter:

    1. Fill the form properly by providing all details required
    2. Once applications are received and reviewed, shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email
    3. Artists best work will be posted on ARTTA’s social media, and votes will be cast in order to facilitate artist further selection in the competition.
    4. The challenge officially begins thereafter and the top 25 artists will create a piece on a set theme
    5. Artists will be required to send daily progress updates of their work via photo or video
    6. Upon completion of their piece, all contestants are to send a photo of their finished work to on or before 11:59pm WAT on vote closing date which is 22nd September 2020 (Please take note of timeline)
    7. Once artworks are submitted, the works will be posted on ARTTA’s social media and voting will commence on a dedicated voting page on the ARTTA website for the public to like their favourite artwork.
    8. Artwork with the most engagement on social media and the website votes will be at an advantage in the selection of the top 10 artists
    9. Top artists will then be announced and rewarded




• Stage 1 (10th August – 31st August)- Registration of artists

• Stage 2 (1st September– 4th September)- Shortlisting of artists by ARTTA judges

• Stage 3 (4th September– 11th September)- Artworks posted and voting of best works begin on ARTTA’s Instagram, Facebook, &Twitter pages to illicit top 25 artists

• Stage 4 (12th September – 22nd September)- 25 artists will produce an art piece on a set theme. Conception of the piece of arts. Daily recap of the challenge and conceptualization of the work.

• Stage 5 (22nd September – 27th September)- Presentation of the artists’ work and voting commences after presenting their work on ARTTA’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and website, to stand a better chance at top 10

• Stage 6 (28th September)- Presentation of the top 10 winners begins on ARTTAs social media

(30th of September)- Presentation of the top 3 winners on ARTTAs social media