ARTTA Challenge 2

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Arts Talent Africa (ARTTA), is a non-profit organization established to change the way we identify with African contemporary artists and their work while building an African community that can identify with our continents art, culture and history.

African art has been an integral aspect of our identity, one which has been often shamed, stripped off, stolen, vilified and often discouraged. Meanwhile, the world art market continues to grow and boom with technological advances incorporated into the artists process.

Artists who still create all in all are often faced with a challenge in the area of demand vs supply. This indicates that there is still a lot amiss regarding awareness of artists and we intend to correct this anomaly in the system via ARTTA CHALLENGE 2 .

Over the past two years, we have impacted 100’s of lives through art campaigns, charity outreaches, community building, exhibitions, and this is only the start! In 2020, we kicked off our flagship project tagged ‘ARTTA COVID-19 Challenge’, an online competition created to support refined artists from 23 countries affected by the Covid-19 pandemic of which over 300 African artists applied to participate.

The ARTTA Challenge 2 will equip artists with the skills and resources requisite for advancement and their personal development. With the purpose of engaging and encouraging as many youths a possible, it is absolutely innovative impactful.


– To create an opportunity for young people to showcase their art skills, and innovate.

– To challenge people to acquire new marketable skills, that are in demand in the future.

– To create a conscious awareness for skills development as alternative to white collar jobs, a means to tackle youth unemployment, and promote industrialization.

– To change societal mind-sets about art careers and re-brand it through strategic communications and this media campaign.

Together we can Improve Africa Through Art

For youth empowerment and job creation in Africa

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