Pan-Africanism, a key element to this challenge and due to the coronavirus pandemic, the competition was not hosted physically, but virtually.

Technology has been a tool throughout this challenge, connecting bright minds from across borders, enlightening them about the opportunities they have, to be financially empowered and to showcase their artistic prowess.

A pre-selection of artists, made based on popular social media votes as well as the judges recommendations, as such 30 out of 60 shortlisted and over 300 registered participants were to compete in the ARTTA Covid Challenge met via video call where artists engaged with the ARTTA team, got to know each other, and got clarifications on the challenge.

In addition to this, competing artists got to show us their works and its progress via live videos, therefore optimizing technological opportunities, and persevering despite the global pandemic.

Regardless of the current pandemic, we look forward to building a community of talented African artists, and change the way we interact with contemporary African art.

To see a clip from the virtual meeting click here

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